My Grandbaby's Favorites
By Dianne, grandmother and babyworks Assistant Retail Manager

Being a part of the babyworks retail team ~ and a new grandmom to Miss Hannah ~ I am always watching for products that are safe, loveable and of heirloom quality.

Hannah falls to sleep under her night sky, displayed through the soft glow of cloud b’s Twilight Turtle shell.  Her dad can’t wait to help herMimicking_Monkey discover the eight constellations embedded in the star pattern. (He is always teaching her something!) The shell illuminates with three color choices:  amber, blue and green. Personally, I think blue creates a peaceful, romantic room. Who says Twilight Turtle can’t move into the living room after the sweet baby is asleep?

Courtesy of her newest friend, Mimicking Monkey, she listens to the voices of her mom and dad over the sound of a beautiful lullaby, telling her she is safe and loved. My “I love you” message is recorded over the sound of Angel Falls and her grandfather’s message is appropriately recorded over the sound of jabbering monkeys (ha ha). What an excellent way for long-distance grandparents to stay connected! These friends from cloud b are the perfect addition to a peaceful bedtime routine and a really sweet sleep.

This winter, cold trips in the car seat are going to be warmed by Ladybug Puppet, which includes a hot/cold pack. It will be her warm hug from grandmom, all the way to daycare and a cool kiss if she ever has a booboo that needs some special love. Hannah adores the different Ladybug personalities that her family creates with this puppet.

I will continue to do my best at searching for quality products that we can put in the hands of our babies, without hesitation. Products (I mean, friends) they can one day share with their children. I hope you will consider supporting MilkWorks by adopting some of these friends for the babies in your life.